We encourage prospective clients to contact our business partners as part of their due diligence.  The following is only a sample list of references who we are confident will be honest and complimentary in their assessment of our employees, business practices, and quality of work.


Company: Cucamonga Valley Water District

Contact: Martin Zvirbulis, General Manager


Job: Arrowhead Water Pipeline

Description: This project involved transporting natural spring water from the foothills in Rancho Cucamonga to the Nestle Waters of North America bottling plant in Ontario, California.  Our work included the installation of 20,000 lineal feet of 8-inch and 12-inch HDPE transmission pipelines crossing three freeways, three railroads and two flood control channels. Our work included the installation of all piping, valves, vaults, air release assemblies, blow-off assemblies, and 24-inch jack and bore.  The scope of work also included permanent surface restoration, traffic detours and road closures.


Company: Suburban Water Systems

Contact: Craig Gott, Vice President Engineering


Job: West Covina Sports Complex

Description: This project involved the installation a new water supply system for a new sports center.  Our work included the installation of 8,000 lineal feet of 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch PVC pipe, fire hydrants, water services, utility offsets, and connections to the existing water mains.


Company: Geosyntec Consultants

Contact: David Oliver, Senior Construction Manager


Job: El Monte Operable Unit Groundwater Treatment System Project

Description: This project involved the installation of extraction well piping to transport contaminated ground water from the well to the treatment facility and reinjection well piping to transport the new potable water from the treatment facility to the reinjection wells.  Our work included a 24” and 16” bore and jack under an existing UPRR crossing, the installation of 10,500 lineal feet of 3” X 6”, 4” X 8” and 6” X 10” dual contained HDPE, 6” HDPE, 8” DIP, 3,000 lineal feet of 2” & 4” PVC conduits, valve vaults, blow offs, and air release vacuum assemblies.  Our work also included pipe encasement, permanent surface restoration, 18’ deep trench shoring and bracing, and traffic control.  The project was completed in the City of Rosemead and City of El Monte.


Company: Orchard Dale Water District

Contact: Ed Castaneda, General Manager


Job: 14” Water Main Replacement Project

Description: This project involved abandoning the existing 14” steel water main, remove and replace existing valves, the installation of a 12” bridge crossing, 7,500 lineal feet of 12”, 8” and 6” DIP, fire hydrants, services and tie-ins to the existing water mains.  Our work also included A.C pavement trench resurfacing, concrete curb gutter and sidewalk replacement and replacing customer service lines.


Company: California American Water Company

Contact: F. Mark Schubert, Engineering Manager


Job: Lamanda Interconnect Pipeline Project

Descripiton: This project involved the installation of a 12-inch transmission pipeline to transfer water between Lamanda and Patton Reservoirs.  Our work included the installation of 13,000 lineal feet of 12-inch DIP, isolation valves, blow-off assemblies, air release assemblies, and connection to the existing reservoirs.  The scope of work also included pipe encasement, permanent surface restoration and traffic control.  The pipeline stretched through the City of san Marino, City of Pasadena and the County of Los Angeles.