For over seventy years, the Brkich name has been in the water industry in Southern California.  What started as a sole proprietor plumbing business by a Croatian immigrant in the 1930s has grown into one of the most respected general contracting firms in the San Gabriel Valley.  Three generations of Brkich men have made it their business to provide quality and reliability to their clients.  In 1969, Robert Brkich, Sr. expanded on his father’s knowledge and founded the Robert Brkich Construction Corp. specializing in water, sewer, and storm drain pipeline construction.  In the past forty years we have installed tens of thousands of miles of pipeline in everything from small service work to intricate treatment plants from the Inland Empire to Ventura County.

Robert Brkich Construction Corp. has prided itself on stable, consistent growth.  Because we are a privately held firm, the owners and upper management have a direct vested interest in the success of projects and the satisfaction of our client partners.  This conservative approach to business has allowed us to withstand economic downturns, thrive in upturns, and allow us to always meet the requests of our client partners even in demanding climates.  Our relatively small size of 4 full time office staff and 30 field employees is advantageous for our client partners in that we can provide a hands-on approach to project completion.  Owners and upper management are well informed as to the daily activities of every job we work on, therefore, enabling us to have a firm grip on every aspect of every project; from scheduling to completion.  We also have the flexibility to move employees from project to project to meet critical and/or unexpected demands; a majority of our employees have been with our company for over 15 years so they are well trained in all aspects of construction and perform well as an entire team. 

Robert Brkich Construction Corp. is a signatory of the Operating Engineers, Construction Laborers, and Teamsters Unions and carry Class A and HAZ California Contractor’s License (#554263) and is a certified MWDVBE.